Just a bit about me...before taking a hiatus to raise my girls, I was testing for Vicki Rosenberg for a show called Boston Common and had a small recurring role on General Hospital as Faith Ward...I know right!  Not only have I shot a few web series (so much fun), but I have booked two national commercials in the last year...the most exciting one to date being AT&T/Hertz where you'll find me playing a helpful customer service person. Check out my reel page to see that little nugget. 

Currently, I am preparing for the next step in my journey with my one woman show Women On The Verge, which was apart of the United Solo Festival on the Famous Theatre Row - 42nd Street in New York not too long ago and out of 150 solo person shows won Best Dramatic Script.  I now will be performing this empowering show at the Two Roads Theatre in Studio City, CA this October. For more details and where to get your tickets go on the Women On The Verge page above. So excited about the next year and all the great opportunities coming my way:)



I am a no nonsense gal, upfront and gutsy without losing my sense of loyalty and love.